January 2021 Member Newsletter

In this issue:

President’s Update “I hear and know how frustrating it is and how often what we do feels unappreciated, so I want to say thank from the union, our patients, and everyone who you have touched. You are the unsung professionals. We are different but know what we do and in the end in it’s worth it.”

Station Level Elections: get nominated NOW! “Elections for station shop stewards and safety representatives (DOSH) are underway, with the nomination process opening on January 1st for a period of three weeks. Each station should be assigned an election returning officer; if you are unsure of who your returning officer is or how to nominate someone contact your current shop steward. If you do not have a shop steward, contact your RVP. More information regarding station level elections can be found on our member’s website.”

Ceremonial Unit Spotlight: Meet Alex Mattes “In his ceremonial unit attire, he has stood proudly beside many Veterans on Remembrance Day and has stood by our colleagues when we have lost one of our own.  It is a huge sense of pride to be a part of the Ambulance Paramedics of BC and the ceremonial unit, as both represent our profession and have been recognized internationally.” 

Leadership for the Mental Health of Your Workplace “The BC First Responders Mental Health Committee invites you to attend an interactive, multi-session webinar speaker series aimed at creating positive conversations about mental health in the first responder community. Learn about resources to help support your team, benefit from the experience of other influential and effective leaders and discover new tools to support first responders in caring for their mental well-being.”  

Member Spotlight: The hidden talents of Wayne Harder “Many of our members have outstanding talents which they put to use both in and out of the workplace.  They often go above and beyond to assist and support programs and agencies that help others.  I would like to thank Wayne Harder for another amazing hand-crafted piece of art!”   

Provincial Safety Message “Almost one third of all work-related crashes resulting in injury and time-loss claims occur during these months. Emergency driving only increases risk to our members in winter conditions, and it’s imperative that paramedics are aware of the road conditions. Below are some tips to help ensure your own, your partner and your patients’ safety while driving.”

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