Job Posting Process

Dear Members:

 Re: Job Posting Process

 As you may be aware, the Employer has recently implemented a new practice and requirement in the job posting process for regular full-time and regular part-time positions. The new process requires applicants to submit a completed ‘shift shuffle form’, prior to the close of the posting window. Applicants who do not submit a completed shuffle form are now not being considered as valid applicants for postings 

The Union and Employer recently did reach agreement on a defined posting and shuffle process, which we communicated that process to the membership in early 2018. However, the Union did NOT agree to the additional requirement of applicants needing to submit a shuffle from at the outset of the process. Doing so creates logistical complications, one of which is in the event a subsequent vacancy is created within the post, how is it filled if no applicants knew of that vacancy when competing their shuffle form?

The Union does not agree that a unilateral change in employer process should over-ride the Collective Agreement language found in Article 13.01. Seniority should not be ignored, simply because the Employer decided to require a new form. We’re advised that a high percentage of applicants are not submitting the shuffle form at the time of application, so this is a wide-spread issue.

To that end, the Union has initiated a policy grievance on the matter. Several individual grievances have also been filed, specific to postings around the Province. We’ll be requesting a list of all applicants to recent postings from the Employer, as well as details as to which applicants were not considered due to the shuffle form issue.

The Union and Employer have had several recent discussions in an effort to resolve this matter, but unfortunately were not able to reach agreement. The Employer has advised that they will continue with the practice, as implemented. The issue will now go to an arbitrator for final resolution.


In the interim, all applicants should ensure they are submitting a completed shuffle form at the time of application, as per the directions in the posting. The posting should contain the available shifts / cars on the posting. If applicants do not have any information needed to complete the shuffle form, they should contact the BCAS recruitment desk for assistance BEFORE the posting closes. They can be reached at: or 1-844-675-7470.

Failing to submit a completed shuffle form will result in being bypassed on the posting / shuffle process.

Recent successful applicants to postings should be advised that if the above noted grievances are successful, the Arbitrator may order the Employer to un-do the posting process and it could result in a retraction of positions. In such an event, the Union would be seeking full redress for all affected members, which includes all costs incurred.

If you have any further questions about this matter, please contact your Regional Vice-Presidents.


Cameron Eby

Provincial President

Ambulance Paramedics of BC

CUPE Local 873 

CC:      PEB   


           APBC Directors

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