July 2018 Member Newsletter

In this issue:

President’s Update “Recently the employer announced they are proceeding with significant changes to the frontline supervisor model. These changes are secondary to their notice served in the 2014 bargaining process. We continue to work with the employer to ensure affected members have the best options available through this transition. Please watch for separate updates as this issue unfolds.  “

Ernie Mothus “In 2012, Ernie was one of only sixty-thousand (60,000) Canadians to receive Her Majesties Diamond Jubilee Medal for his tireless work to promote the Paramedic profession in Canada.”
Delegate Calculations “People often wonder how the numbers for the delegates to Convention are determined.  Some people even believe it has to do with where Convention is held and that if it was held somewhere other than the Lower Mainland, that the delegate numbers would change between regions or full time/on call.” 

Call for Resolutions “Ever had a good idea about how we should conduct our business as a Union? Ever had an opinion about what we should (or shouldn’t) negotiate for as a local? Then YOU should submit a resolution to Convention and have your say on the topics that mean the most to you!”

Tour Paramedic Ride BC  “On June 7-10 the 2nd annual Tour Paramedic ?Ride BC took place. Cyclists travelled from Osoyoos to Kamloops over four days while raising money to create a national monument for fallen paramedics.” 

And so much more!!
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