July 2020 Member Newsletter

In this issue:

President’s Update “We find ourselves reflecting and struggling at the challenges our partners in public safety are facing. We work side by side and rely on them daily for the safety of our patients and colleagues. We must support our colleagues and friends. Having said that, I believe we need to be honest and listen to those who face either blatant racism, unconscious bias or microaggression.”

Practicing Compassionate Badassery!   “Practicing Compassionate Badassery is shorthand for choosing to care for yourself AND to care for others. It’s based in the belief that self-care and service inherently belong together. Practicing Compassionate Badassery is all about making intentional choices as a helping professional, so that you can keep making an impact AND enjoy your life.”

Ceremonial Unit Spotlight: Meet Drew Hilland In addition to his work with BCEHS Drew also works part time as a member of the Canadian Army Reserve, where he currently holds the rank of Warrant Officer. As an Army Reservist for more than 15 years, Drew has deployed operationally to Afghanistan as part of Canada’s defense commitments abroad and supported domestic operations and training here in Canada.”  

Convention Delegate Nominations & Call for Resolutions “As you are aware, the COVID-19 Pandemic will most probably impact the normal operation of Convention 2020. The Union is in the process of contingency planning for multiple alternatives, based on the status of the pandemic recovery and any relevant public health orders. As part of this planning process, the Union is sending out the calls for nominations and resolutions as per the requirements under the bylaws. We will be providing further updates about convention in the near future.” 

Provincial Safety Message “There have been more reports coming to me that some members in the province are using their own PPE or perhaps donated masks to wear at work. Now I’m sure that all members only seek to be safe but please remembers that wearing untested equipment (i.e. masks) isn’t to your benefit. BCEHS / PHSA have testing processes to review the appropriate fit testing and material to all types of masks. Without this testing you could be exposing yourself and your family. It is against policy to wear non-approved safety equipment at work.”  

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