June 2020 Member Newsletter

In this issue:

President’s Update “We as a union are ready for the current and prolonged COVID-19 issues and challenges, but also the ongoing opioid crisis, resource issues, staffing, CA implementation, labour relations, and now flooding and potential fire seasons which we need to be prepared for. Again, internally we have established capacity through task force teams and assigned duties to ensure we are prepared as a union to support our members and are ready to work with the employer to ensure we are prepared for these challenges and whatever else may come at us. In the recent week we have seen positive engagement from senior leadership of PHSA including CEO and President Benoit Morin, Vice President Jaci Edgeworth, and BCEHS Chief Operating Officer Darlene MacKinnon. “

Secretary Treasurer Update   “You may have noticed a deduction on your pay stub for “CharityHH”.  What that represents is the $20 that is collected from each member per our Bylaws to donate to Honour House.  This year the amount collected was $77,761.79.   The donation not only supports the work of Honour House, but also gives our members access to their services.”

Ceremonial Unit Spotlight: Meet Tina Frederiksen Tina spent a few years in the naval reserves and one of her favourite things was doing drill.   She had an opportunity to attend a drill practice with the Ceremonial Unit and that sparked her interest in joining the unit in 2017. Since that time Tina is proud to be a member of the Ceremonial Unit and represent our members in honouring the fallen, preserving tradition and participating in community events.” 

Paramedic Liability Insurance: Legal Hotline “Recently, the law company that provides services to members that have the Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC) Liability insurance has changed. As part of that change, the phone number to access the legal hotline has also changed.  Please update your records to reflect the change to: 1-844-295-8259.” 

Provincial Safety Message “This has been a very difficult and unprecedented time for all of us, I would like to start by acknowledging lives lost in this war on COVID-19.  Our thoughts go out to all families that have been forever changed. I could never say enough of how proud APBC is for the professionalism and determination that crews have displayed all over this province during COVID.”  

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