Leadership for the mental health of your workplace

Dear Members,

Re: Leadership for the mental health of your workplace

Register now for the free webinar speaker series — Leadership for the mental health of your workplace — brought to you by the BC First Responders Mental Health Steering Committee.

Join your peers from across Canada between January 21 and March 11, 2021, for six different 90-minute morning sessions focusing on leading for improved mental health in the first responder community. It will be worth your time to choose all, or a few, of the sessions where you can ask, and have your questions answered, during each live event.

To learn more and to register, please visit:

http://conference.bcfirstrespondersmentalhealth.com/ #ShareItDontWearIt

In Solidarity,                                                                          

Lindsay Kellosalmi                                                               Bob Parkinson

Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator                        Director of Health and Wellness

Ambulance Paramedics of BC                                          Ambulance Paramedics of BC

CUPE 873                                                                             CUPE 873

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