Meet the New Regional Executive

Good Afternoon


We wanted to update you on the recent changes to the Region 3 Executive Committee and introduce the new members.   Before doing this want to thank Brother Morris for letting his name stand for election of RVP.  One of our members core rights is to vote for the leadership in the union and I am encouraged that this was an option for you all.


Since the elections we have had another change in the regional executive board.  The decision was made after discussion with the regional executive and review of the by-laws.  After the bylaws review and discussion with the PEC we moved forward to put in place an interim RVP as the election is not until next spring.  Please help me in welcoming James Towle as our new RVP.  James recently joined our region as a Chief in Merritt and comes to our group with an extensive background in LR and RVP roles.   

I want to thank Lindsay Kellosalmi for the past several years of support, hours, and continued advocacy on behalf our members.  She has been a trusted friend in both her roles as RVP and CISD.  Lindsay has agreed to continue to assist our members as a shop steward on top of her new BCEHS role with the CISD coordinator.  

We hope over the next while to increase our communications with you as a whole and bring forward new and important information as we get it.  We very much continue in busy times and will be reaching out to the shop stewards to manage local issues as they arrive.   We continue to build a stronger regional team for our members and this will continue to be one of our focuses.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we move forward.