Member Update – Russia’s attack on the Ukraine

Dear Members, 

Member message and update regarding Russia’s attack on Ukrain 

As you all know, there is significant turmoil in Europe, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It has been hard to watch the senseless loss of life and civilian casualties mount up day after day.

Many of you have contacted us regarding the Union’s public stance on the war, asking us to send out a message of support to the membership and questioned what investments our pensions might have tied to Russian-owned and state-sponsored corporations. 

I can tell you without question that the Ambulance Paramedics and Emergency Dispatchers of BC/CUPE Local 873 stand in complete solidarity with the people of Ukraine and offer our support and well wishes in any way we can. We support and encourage peaceful solutions for all unjust wars and the anguish they bring. As a profession, we have no borders, and our very core ideals are to protect and value life. We absolutely do not condone any actions that lead to unnecessary suffering. We join all of Canada and the world in condemning Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

We have been working with BCEHS leadership to jointly determine and communicate how we can show our support and ways we as a service can send a message of solidarity. We anticipate having more out very shortly.

Your Executive and I have been in contact with CUPE BC, CUPE National, our partners, as well as many other public sector unions to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine and will continue to do so until this war is over.  Please see:

I have been working closely with BC pensions, the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP) secretariat, and our Public Service Pension Plan managers with questions about or investments into Russian-owned or state-backed corporations. British Columbia Investment (BCI) has clearly stated that BC public sector pension plans are actively divesting from Russian holdings. On behalf of their respective members, many other public sector unions have been reaching out as well, and the message is loud in clear; we do not want our money tied into any Russian linked securities or investments. I have confidence our asset management group is actively working on resolving this, as per his statement and links below: 

“BCI has not only been working to sell the Russian shares in our clients’ portfolios but also to have Russia removed from all global and emerging market indices” -Gordon J. Fyfe, BCI CEO/CIO

Here is the link again for ease:

Many Russian securities are currently halted; however, BCI has made it a priority to divest its holding in the above markets. We are confident that any of our investments will be removed from Russian-sponsored investments and that the appropriate actions are taking place.

Our hearts and wishes go out to those who have colleagues, friends or family affected by these horrible events. Our thanks and gratitude go out to those serving to protect the sovereignty of Ukraine and its people.

On behalf of your Provincial Executive Committee and Board.

Thank you,

Troy Clifford

Provincial President

Ambulance Paramedics &

Emergency Dispatchers of BC

CUPE Local 873

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