Member Update: Scheduled On-call (SOC)

Dear Members,

Member Update: Scheduled On-call (SOC)

What follows is a brief member update on Scheduled On-Call (SOC) and a reminder that the introduction of SOC may impact many members.

Firstly, the Unions’ SOC implementation team is comprised of:

Jason Jackson – Provincial Vice President (Chair)

Dustin Jackson – Provincial Chief Grievance Officer

Keith Morais – 1N RVP

Jason Perry – 1S RVP

Ted Harrison – 2W RVP

Keith Taylor – 3 RVP

In addition, there are 3 sub committees tasked with evaluating and making recommendations in the following 3 areas:

  • Scheduling and Pay
  • Transition
  • SOC Evaluation

The SOC implementation and sub committees have been meeting with the Employer on a bi-weekly basis to develop the structure, transition to and the evaluation of the SOC Model.

We have identified many aspects of this model which require significant attention as we move forward. Our goal remains; to work earnestly to ensure the rights of all our members are protected while moving forward with the significant changes necessary to implement a model, that has promised to provide twenty-four seven coverage in many communities, regular work and family supporting incomes to the incumbents.

Here are just some highlights of what is happening: 

Provincial Joint Implementation Committee– This group meets every two – three weeks with the Employer to discuss the implementation of the Collective Agreement as a whole.

Provincial SOC Implementation Committee– This group will also meet every two – three weeks to go over the potential impacts and consequential changes to SOC implementation.

Provincial FAID Working Group 

    • January 27th, 2020 Union and Employer representatives met with the founders of the FAID & FAID Quantum tools and received a broad overview of the program and what the consulting company could offer.
    • March 6, 2020 an in-depth training session took place to better understand the proper data entry processes and how to read the data from the reports. This piece is vital for the safety & health and wellness of our members.
    • June 2020 the group concluded work on the application of FAID analysis and will be reviewing station on an individual basis during SOC rollout.

Dispute Resolution – In mid-November the parties arrived at impasse on 2 specific issues:

1)     STIIP composition for SOC

2)     8 hours clear before the start of members next regular hours

The parties met with Arbitrator Vince Ready and Corrin Bell to resolve these matters between Nov 26th and December 15th, this included lengthy written submissions by both sides.

Arbitrators Ready and Bell issued their decisions on these matter December 23, 2020:

Leave and Benefits Award

8 Hours Clear Award

In short:

1)     Short term Illness and Sick Leave coverage for SOC shifts will only encompass the 8-hours of paid work for consideration of payment at 75%.

2)     All members will receive 8 hours clear hours before the start of their next Regular hours where a member receives a callout during their pager hours that follow a period of regular hours.

Prototype stations – Further to the August 26, 2020 Joint correspondence Memo where Vancouver Island was selected due to its self-contained geography, the ability to make changes across a single health authority and its single dispatch operations centre.

The parties further committed to the 22 SOC candidate stations with the assistance of Arbitrator Ready and Bell.  Vancouver Island provides a mix of station types which will help in the overall assessment of the SOC model. 

Island SOC Prototype Dependencies & Estimated Timeline/Draft

With the exception of Port McNeil, SOC Positions for the Vancouver Island Prototype and the transition of Fox shifts to FT/Reg-PT or Kilo have been finalized.

Per the joint memo released, these new positions will be posted in the near future with implementation over the next 3-4 months (approx.).

You will note there are many moving aspects to the timeline, we are currently working to maintain the timeline schedule and rollout the prototype stations 

Community Paramedic and On-Call Unit Chief Adjustment Plans.

Work to develop adjustment plans for impacted CP and On-call UC have been completed, CP Adjustment Plan  On-call UC Transition Agreement, notifications will be occurring over the next few weeks.

SOC Prototype Evaluation

The evaluation metrics for SOC evaluation have been agreed to between the parties and Arbitrator Ready is seized of SOC evaluation. The parties will be evaluating data for the Prototype stations on Vancouver Island for lessons learned.

SOC Probation Requirements

Discussions between the parties surrounding SOC probation requirements for members occurred with Arbitrators Ready/Bell.

Issue of Note: All members who bid into a SOC position are subject to a 6-month probation, during this probation period you will not be allowed to apply for or accept another job offer.

Rescinding/Accepting of SOC Job offers

Currently there is a dispute between the parties regarding members’ ability to rescind a job offer once the positions acceptance form is signed.

Issue of Note:  Vince Ready is seized of this issue for SOC rollout.  Any member who has an issue surrounding rescinding an SOC job offer once the positions acceptance form is signed, needs to notify the Union immediately, the parties have 24 hours to raise the issue with Arbitrator Ready for a decision on the matter.

SOC Provincial Rollout.

Currently further Provincial rollout planning is underway and projected to occur in the Summer or early Fall.

Challenges with Employer Relations

Over the last 14 months the SOC implementation committee has been engaged in development and rollout plans for SOC.  Insofar as it relates to the Vancouver Island prototype, there have been a number of interpretive disagreements with the Employer.  Our efforts to move SOC forward have been repeatedly frustrated due to a lack of disclosure, by the Employer, of important details relative to SOC.  For example, just recently the Employer advised of their intention to convert 18 Full Time Unit Chief positions, throughout the province, to Regular Part Time, as a result of SOC. The Employer made their decision, entirely unilaterally and without any consultation with the Union. Suffice it to say for now, we intend to challenge the Employer’s action.

For your information, the following communities have been identified as potentially having the Full Time Unit Chief positions converted: 

  • Lake Cowichan
  • Port McNeil
  • Pemberton
  • Lions Bay
  • Ashcroft
  • Barriere
  • Princeton
  • Revelstoke
  • Fernie
  • Burns Lake
  • Fort St.James
  • Fort Nelson
  • Bowser
  • Armstrong
  • Grand Forks
  • Kimberley
  • Hazelton
  • Vanderhoof

SOC Questions:

We have created an email for APBC Members to ask questions surrounding SOC implementation: This email is a Union run email and not an Employer email.

Please forward any questions to the email address above or reach out to your RVPs who will forward your email or discuss the matter with a member of the Provincial team and get back to you as soon as possible.

Please trust your Provincial Executive Board and your SOC working groups are and will continue to work hard to ensure that our members best interests are at the forefront in each area.

If members are looking for their specific details, please contact your RVP or the undersigned.


Jason Jackson

Provincial Vice President

Ambulance Paramedics of BC

CUPE Local 873

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