Negotiations Survey

Dear Members;

With the end of our current contract drawing near, the Negotiations Committee and Provincial Executive Committee are preparing for negotiations to start this fall.  Preparation began in March, with three days of training and has continued with regular meetings.  The Committees have completed an extensive review of all negotiations resolutions passed since 2014, as well as a review of more than 70 Letters of Agreement (LOA) that currently exist.

As part of their preparation and planning, a survey was developed by the Committees to gather input from the membership and assess key issues and priorities.  The survey will be released at 2:00 pm today.  Your participation in the survey is incredibly important.  The information gathered by the survey will be used to help guide the Committees during negotiations and is not meant to supersede or replace the negotiation resolutions at Convention.  The Committees will review the results and incorporate the data into the next stages of planning.

The topics addressed in the survey reflect the numerous resolutions passed at Convention, outstanding LOA’s and issues we anticipate the Employer will raise. 

The survey begins today, May 22nd, and will close on June 11th at 12:15 pm. A separate email with your unique invite will be sent to you.  The survey can only be accessed through the unique email invite and your responses are anonymous. Please take the time to complete the survey and encourage your fellow members to participate as well.  The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and provides invaluable information to the Committees leading negotiations for our Union. Vital to our collective bargaining process is the collective participation and input from our membership.

Accessing your email:

If your APBC email is forwarded to your personal email account, then you will receive the invite at your personal email account. If it does not arrive by 2:30pm today, please check you spam / junk folders for an email from Survey Monkey and

If your APBC email is not forwarded, you’ll need to login to here:

If you can’t recall your email or password, please use the following for assistance:

We look forward to hearing from you!


Ambulance Paramedics of BC
Provincial Executive Committee
Negotiations Committee


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