New Psychological Resilience Resource for Frontline Staff

Dear Members,

RE:  New Psychological Resilience Resource for Frontline Staff – Five Resilience Factors (5RF)

The mental wellbeing, health and safety of our staff it of utmost importance.  In particular given the year we have had; it has never been more important.  We would like to introduce the 5RF Project.  5RF stands for five resilience factors to strengthen the psychological resilience in our Paramedic and Dispatch staff.  Staff now have access to the 5RF (five Resilience Factors) workbook

Paramedics, Call-takers and Dispatchers are subject to a range of stressors due to the unique nature of their work.  The 5RF workbook was developed in recognition of those unique environments and has been customized on the input of BCEHS Employees.  The 5RF focuses on how to:

  • Help our staff deal with stress
  • Prevent stress-related health problems
  • Enhance coping through resilience training for long-term health and wellness

Resilience training focuses on skills for anticipating, managing and recovering from highly stressful situations in the workplace.  The 5RF workbook was developed by Vancouver Psych Safety Consulting.

The content of this workbook is based on the scientific literature and evidence-informed strategies as well as the personal and practical knowledge of hundreds of BCEHS Paramedics and Dispatchers gathered through surveys and interviews.  The workbook is a self-care guide divided into five modules, each module representing one of the five resilience factors to successful stress management.  The guide is available in a password-protected digital format as well as a physical paper copy.

The workbook can be accessed HERE.  Passcode: bcehs.  For those who prefer a physical copy of this workbook, you can make a request by emailing Stella Yuen at (indicate 5RF in subject line) and copies will be sent out by internal mail.  Note: The printed copies are limited. 


Troy Clifford
Provincial President
Ambulance Paramedics of BC
CUPE Local 873

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