October 2018 Member Newsletter

In this issue:

President’s Update “I am happy to announce that we’ve received notice from Minister Harry Bains and his team that inclusion of dispatchers in the presumptive law for occupational mental health injuries is coming soon.”

Provincial Secretary Treasurer Report “August and September were very busy months.  In August, the accountants performed their annual fiscal year-end audit of our finances.  They spent almost two weeks at the Union office going through all the financial records to ensure that everything is in order.   This was followed in September by the fiscal year-end Trustees audit.”
Municipal Elections 2018 “As you know, the Provincial Government is responsible for funding the Ambulance Service in our Province.  However, municipal governments influence how that funding is allocated, and ultimately the overall budget.” 

World Suicide Prevention Day “September 10th Is World Suicide Prevention day and although it may be an uncomfortable topic arming yourself with recourses and obtaining education is the most powerful thing you can do to inform yourself, support your loved ones and help your patients. “

BC First Responder’s Mental Health Conference “The BC First Responders Mental Health Committee invites you to attend an interactive two-day conference aimed at creating a positive conversation about mental health in the first responder community. ” 

Surviving Shiftwork: Circadian Rhythm Sleep Training “New course offering: Kelowna, October  10-11.” 

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