Out of Service levels in BC

Dear Members:

Out of Service Levels Across BC

As you have hopefully seen by now, the staggering out of service levels we are experiencing across our province has been highlighted in the media. 

The Union Executive have heard from our members and recognize these out of service levels are affecting your health and your ability to provide care to the patients in the communities you serve.  We heard you when you told us that the workload you have been subjected to is not sustainable.  In response we issued a press release on March 19th.  Within hours we had requests for interviews.  Since the press release, we have done dozens of interviews, from media outlets across BC including; Global TV, CBC Radio & Web, Radio NL, CKNW and News 1130 and many more.  Our message is being heard; however, we still need your help to ensure that this important topic stays public.

In order to continue to highlight this issue, we need you to provide us with information about units which are out of service. Without specifics, there is no story. Please continue to email us at oos@apbc.ca.  You can also join our members Facebook group and comment there: https://goo.gl/Vc34dj. Be sure to include the full unit call sign (or dispatch position), the date / time and any relevant information about the OOS (staffing, or other type of OOS). This information is most helpful as it’s occurring, or as soon as possible afterwards.

All information is good information, and from any region in our province. We thank all the members that have sent in information regarding the recent out of service levels and excessive workload.

Also, we encourage our members to follow our public social media pages and share posts and tweets as we plan to issue more information over the coming weekend as it becomes available.  We would like to remind you when commenting on our public posts and tweets that you are in a public forum and to be respectful and mindful of what you post as it reflects on our profession and organization.  We will keep the internal thread going on our member’s Facebook page for comments that are more appropriately directed there.   

Once again, thank you for coming together and working to bring awareness and solutions to the challenges our membership is facing. 


Provincial Executive Committee

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