PCP Training


1.     How long will an EMR have to obtain their PCP and will extensions be available?

a.     The employer will be seeking to place their employees into PCP training by seniority across the province. There is no set timeframe.

b.     The employer’s obligated to provide 9 million dollars in the first three years and 2 million dollars every year after, until its met its obligation to offer training opportunities to all our members.

2.     Can you clarify what a PS CCP Supervisor is and how it differs from CCP or CCP advisor? Both appear in the green sheets.

a.     We included that into the wage grids just so they’re listed. No change to rate of pay. We included a position that doesn’t exist (CCA supervisor) to try and future proof some of the language, so if the program expanded and there was a need for a supervisor, the language and framework was already there.

3.     If a FT EMR is approved for paid PCP training, does the salary maintenance cover the entire 8 month program or only the 3 months in class? How long after accepting FT does an EMR have to complete their PCP training?

a.     Salary maintenance is covered when you are scheduled for training during your normal work days. The employer can also put you into a FT training program.

b.     For length of time to complete training, that’s going to vary depending on where you are in the province and what type of program is offered. It will depend on the school as well, the employer doesn’t control any of the scheduling of programs with the schools.

4.     I am a post probationary EMR working at a rural station part time. I have applied for the Reg/Irreg FT postings. I have recently been accepted for a PCP program starting March 2023. Are people who have already been accepted to education still eligible for paidtraining? And what is a “Regular Part time” employee?

a.     As an EMR, if you successfully bid into a FT or RPT position, you will be eligible for paid training. If you’ve already started a PCP training program, you’ll be entitled to be paid training expenses on a go forward basis from the time of Ratification.

In our Collective Agreement, we have three employment types: Full Time, Regular Part Time, and On Call (previously called part time). RPT positions work just like FT employment, but have less scheduled hours. So while FT works 35-40 hours per week guaranteed, RPT may only have 20-32 hours per week in their schedule/rotation.