1.     Was 6 hrs acceptance time for posting change requested by the employer or union?  SHIFT CHANGE

a.     This was requested by the employer. We are agreeable to it in true time because it gives an opportunity for people to know what they are accepting and only accepting if the position offered is available to them. Right now, with expedited posting: You’ve applied for a Bravo shift in XX and you accept. Once you get to XX the station shuffle is done and someone senior to you might get the Bravo shift. With this new process, we only have members applying to positions they’ll accept because it’s a bona fide application. This will actually expedite the hiring process and fill positions.

2.     Will RPT EMR’s in SOC stations be offered new mix shift positions at their stations, will they need to re-apply as unqualified employees with probation and mandatory PCP training?

a.     It’s always a preference to have locals who are in the jobs currently as SOC transition over to the new role under the mix pattern (as we saw with CP moving to SOC). If a station is moving to mix pattern, that station must have 8 members working the mix shift pattern. The mix pattern will be a paired pattern just like for an Alpha car.

b.     Any member who’s in a SOC position, you will be offered to move to the new shift pattern. If it’s a mix pattern in your station, you will be offered PCP training.

3.     For rural and remote deployment, how many positions will be posted per station? If less than 8, will it be casuals or secondary?

a.     Under rural deployment, you will go to a mix shift. 8 positions will be posted per station that’s the minimum.

4.     Does the local higher language apply to all open positions or just newly created positions at a station?

a.     Just newly created positions.

5.     Will HR or Talent Acquisition provide advance notice of exactly which day they will be making offers for each position?

a.     The employer’s intent is to place a dashboard on the webpage indicating what postings will be calling out each week. When they do call, if they make contact, it will be a true time offering.

6.     When a position is being filled does “internal” mean an in-post hire?

a.     In-post then provincial with the local hire role being free from 8 to 25.

b.     What this means for stations over 8 and under 25, going forward our positions back to local hires until the 25 is reached so in Article 13, internal vs external – internal means to our organization and external means not currently employed by BCEHS.

c.     It’s local hire rule that applies to new positions. Then, when these positions are created in stations under 25, the positions are alternated between local applicants and provincial list.

7.     Will on-call members who take a temp position earn seniority, if so, will they be able to use it to bid on FT or RPT positions?

a.     First question, yes if an on-call member is in a temp position you will earn seniority. And yes you can use it to bid on FT regular positions. Not immediately, so once you become a RPT that seniority that you gained as a temp will be credited to you, but you can’t use a temp position to bid forward.

8.     Regarding local hires, all the positions created in fall of 2022 that haven’t been filled, are they included in the move from 8 to 25 to ease with this clause?

a.     This clause will be on a go forward basis, so any positions that are currently open and postings are currently open, will be filled under the previous terms of the provincial postings process and CA.

9.     Why has the time to report to a new position been decreased from 90 days to 61 days?

a.     The intent is to assist in filling positions across the province and have people report in a timely manner. 61 days were chosen specifically so in the event a member was renting, they’d have time to service notice and move in a timely fashion to a new residence.

10.  Going back to hiring PCPs into FT positions?

a.     Yes, CA language always allows for PCPs to be hired first, that language is not modified. Under Article 13, it always goes to FT qualified PCPs first, then on-call qualified PCPs, then external qualified PCPs. Where we can’t fill the position, it goes to EMR and that EMR wins the position and paid training.

11.  I was hoping for some clarification on article 5.2 of the new agreement changes. I worked on a Juliet car as regular part time for 6 months, will this turn into full time seniority that I am able to use to bid into a full time spot? And will I still go through a probationary period?

a.     When you’re in a temp, you earn seniority but it doesn’t get added to the list until you take a Reg PT or FT position.  Once you do take on a regular position, you’ll have the seniority you earned in the Temp Juliet credited to you.   Because there isn’t a probation attached to the temp, you would still have to go through the 6 month probation period when you first take a regular position