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                       1st & 2nd CALL FOR NOMINATIONS

At Convention 2018, the delegation debated and carried Bylaw Resolution 19-2018 which called for the addition of a Provincial Chief Grievance Officer (PCGO) to the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC).  Please see the Resolution Package for Convention 2018 for complete details on the resolution.  Our APBC Bylaws have also been amended to reflect the change to the composition of the PEC and to describe the duties of the PCGO.  Bylaw 9.4 speaks specifically to the responsibility of the PCGO:


            9.4 – Provincial Chief Grievance Officer

The Provincial Chief Grievance Officer shall: 

(a)   Ensure grievance matters are advanced through the grievance process in a timely manner;

(b)   Monitor regional grievances and assist RVP with any grievance related matter;

(c)   Render assistance to any member of the Provincial Executive Committee or Board as directed by the Provincial Executive Committee or Board;

(d)   Assist the Provincial Vice-Presidents in their duties as directed by the Provincial Executive;

(e)   Represent and act as the Provincial 2nd Vice-President if that Officer is unable to fulfil their duties;

(f)    Upon termination of office, promptly surrender all books, seals, monies, and other properties of the local to his/her successor in office.


As outlined in Bylaw Resolution 19-2018, the PCGO position will be filled in accordance with Bylaw 13.d3. Following nominations, a by-election will be held at a Provincial Executive Board meeting.


As required by our Bylaws, this is the FIRST (1st) & SECOND (2nd) call for nominations for the role of Provincial Chief Grievance Officer.


Nominations will commence on Wednesday, November 7th, 2018. Please note that nominations must be for members in good standing in the Union.   


Nominations must be submitted through the electronic form provided on the web site (  VERBAL, WRITTEN or FAXED nominations will NOT be accepted.  3rd and FINAL call for nominations will follow.

Nominees MUST CONFIRM their ACCEPTANCE of nomination ON-LINE at prior to the close of 3rd & FINAL call for nominations.  ONLY ON-LINE acceptances will be considered valid.


The onus is on the NOMINEE to ensure their nomination has been accepted within the time limits.  NO FURTHER attempts will be taken to confirm acceptance of nomination.


The DEADLINE for 3rd & FINAL call for nominations is Wednesday, November 28th, 2018.




Jessica Chilton

Provincial Recording Secretary

CUPE Local 873

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