Provincial Posting Process

Dear Members;

We have received a number of questions surrounding the provincial posting process and application of Article 13.01 for Full-time/On-call post probationary PCP/EMR and probationary members.

The Current Article 13 selection process is as follows:

13.01(c)           Selection 

i. Except for postings in accordance with Articles 13.01(f), 13.02, 13.03, 13.04, or 13.05, the successful applicant to postings for vacancies shall be:

In the following order: 

       i. Qualified bargaining unit applicants on the full-time seniority list, in order of earliest full-time seniority date with the Employer.

      ii. Qualified bargaining unit applicants on the on-call seniority list, in   order of earliest date of hire with the Employer. 

       iii. Qualified external applicants.

As an example:

Jason is a Full-time PCP probationary member in Hope and Ian is an  On-call PCP post probationary member in Quesnel. If we both bid a job today in Williams Lake Ian would get the position as an On-call PCP post probationary member over Jason because currently you can’t accept a different position while on probation.

Currently Full-time or On-call probationary employee cannot move during their probation nor are they considered for postings.

The parties wanted to unlock opportunities for probationary members but had to ensure a superior right for probationary employees (who recently changed status to Full-time) was not created nor could it take the current rights of members away.

The agreed to selection process under Article 13 for the provincial posting process is as follows:

  • FT Post Probationary PCP
  • On-call Post Probationary PCP
  • FT Post Probationary EMR
  • On-call Post Probationary EMR
  • FT Probationary PCP
  • On-call Probationary PCP
  • FT Probationary EMR
  • On-call Probationary EMR
  • Externals

By agreeing to allow probationary employees to move after all post probationary employees there is a greater chance of filling vacant positions.

Probationary employees may apply for any positions listed in the Provincial Postings, but applicants who have passed their probation will be assigned positions in priority to probationary employees. Any probationary employees that are assigned a position outside of their current post or station will restart their probationary period upon commencing work in the new position unless they remain in the same post for the new position.

This change allows all CUPE 873 members the opportunity to bid on all provincial positions prior to the employer hiring externally.


  1. The job postings will be filled in the following order:                         

    a. Regular full-time positions

    b. Irregular full-time positions


Please note: Once employees have been e-mailed their offer by Talent Acquisition, they will have 48 hours to review and decline. If you do not respond within 48 hours this will be considered an acceptance as per the MOA.

  1. We are strongly encouraging members ONLY TO APPLY TO POSTINGS THAT THEY TRULY WANT to assist with the successful filling of these positions in a timely manner.  While we understand that many of these changes are life-changing, we wish to press upon the membership to research and have the conversations with their respective families as soon as possible, to avoid any undue delay in moving these postings forward.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.

In solidarity,

Jason Jackson
Provincial Vice President
Ambulance Paramedics of BC
CUPE Local 873

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