Provincial & Standing Committee Election Results

Dear Members;

Our APBC/EDBC Annual Convention was held in Richmond, BC on October 24-26, 2017.

Please find the following list of Provincial Election results from Convention 2017:
(All positions are for 2-year term ending 2019 unless otherwise specified below)


Provincial President: Cameron Eby

Provincial 1st Vice-President: Dave Deines

Provincial 2nd Vice-President: Sherman Hillier

Provincial Secretary Treasurer: Lorraine Till

Provincial Recording Secretary: Jason Jackson


Health & Wellness Director:  Robert Parkinson

Provincial Safety Director:  Corey Viala

Public Education Director:  Annemarie Byers

Trustee (3-year term ending 2020. FT/Reg-PT only):  Grant (John) Farquhar 

Benefit Trustees (4-year term ending 2021. Plan Participants):  Ernie Mothus & Troy Clifford

Bylaws Committee:  Aggie Pringle & Patrick Harrison & Miguel Campo

Bylaws Committee (2-year term ending 2019. On-call Only) (Convention Motion- vacant position):  Brooke Lewis  

Convention Committee (2-year term ending 2019. FT/Reg-PT only):  Aggie Pringle & Keith Moraes

Convention Committee (2-year term ending 2019. On-call only) (Convention Motion- vacant positions):  Jackie Ward & Ben Tedder

Negotiating Committee (4-year term ending 2021. FT/Reg-PT only):  Kelly Budway

Negotiating Committee (4-year term ending 2021. On-Call only):  Tanis Douglas & Tamara McNay

Negotiating Committee (Balance of 4-year term ending 2019. On-Call only):  Ian Johnston

PMLC Representative:  Adam Greene 

Superannuation Committee (3-year term ending 2020. FT/Reg-PT only):  Elizabeth Grant by acclamation

CISM Coordinator:  Lindsay Kellosalmi by acclamation


We’d like to take a moment to thank those members that have held their name for nomination in these positions.  An engaged membership is our strongest asset, thank you. 

A special thank you to President Bronwyn Barter, for her 19 years of dedicated service to the members of CUPE Local 873/873-02. You will be missed by many, we thank you for all you have done over the years and advocating for our profession, with tenacity and devotion.

Congratulations to all those elected!

In Solidarity, 

Jason Jackson
Provincial Recording Secretary
Ambulance Paramedics & Emergency Dispatchers of BC
CUPE Local 873

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