Public Safety Communicators Week

Dear Members;

Re:  Public Safety Communicators Week

Every full second week of April (8th to 14th, 2018) is National Public Safety Communicators Week.

During this week, we recognize our Ambulance Paramedics and Emergency Dispatchers of BC (APBC/EDBC) communicators for their dedication and service in keeping both public safety personnel and the public safe.

Responders trust and rely on the professionalism and exacting high standards during emergencies in addition to being their vital link to safety.  They are also the vital link to relay information from the public to responders during an emergency.

Last year, BCAS communications staff dispatched over 569,000 ambulance events, while our dedicated EDBC members handled almost 1.5 Million calls in 2017, representing 92% of the Provinces 911 requests.

Please take a moment this week to show our appreciation for our public safety communicators and the amazing job they do, often unrecognized, every day.

On behalf of the over four thousand (4,000) members of the Ambulance Paramedics & Emergency Dispatchers of BC and our Executive Board, THANK YOU! 


Cameron Eby

Provincial President

Ambulance Paramedics & Emergency Dispatchers of BC

CUPE Local 873/873-02

CC:       PEB

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