R1N April meeting Minutes



April 24, 2017

Comfort Inn

Campbell River, B.C



Member sign-in

Mel Rodgers (150), Dawn Ross (170), Glen Rumley (170), Brooke

Lewis (108), David Martin (108), Roy Wharton (108), Trevor Melville

 (108), Kim Picken (108), Steve Bremer (150) Dave Hutton (150),

 Thomas Diesch (150)



***No Quorum***

         25 required

Mike Egli – CSS

Greg Heyes – RVP

Steve Boley – RVP

Keith Moraes – Rec.Sec.

Read Minutes of February meeting:

Adopted as read

Read minutes from December meeting

Adopted as read

Matters arising from the minutes:


December 5, 2016 meeting – No-one attended.

–       Spoke of the cost of the meeting room rental and travel

Clarified that Exec does not get wages for Union business but may have BCAS work covered by the Union so that Exec can do Union business, including meetings.


EOI for SS Training – Sister Ross felt that Unit Chiefs should be contacted when Shop Stewards are identified as ‘trained’ within their station, that schedule vacancies can be planned for, that vacant training spots can go to others not identified as SS within the station.

7 Shop Stewards received training

Unfinished Business:

108 Scheduling – Minutes pertaining to 108 Scheduling in September’s minutes read for background.

–       Member concerned about loss of pay under new scheduling procedure as he is available for ‘days only”

–       Process was democratic, well received, fair & equitable to the majority of members, which is ultimate goal of Union.

–       Discussion at recent RJLMC to adopt process in new WAG


General Meeting Webcasts – has been done in the past and was successful in its operation.

-Still no quorum.

-No guarantee that Management wasn’t online viewing. In-camera discussions cannot take place online until secure.

-not sure if motion needs to be passed to make change to Bylaws or Constitution to make an acceptable process.

To be discussed at next PEC.

Executive Committee Reports





HRH Compliancy & Issues:

-Members not given meal or meal allowance at some courses held in North Island.

Member advised to put in for TMA for missed ‘lunch” and to grieve if not paid for TMA


-11.04/11.05s being handed out to members not enrolled or complete in HRH

training. LOEs expected.


Flu Vaccine Compliancy Report

–       discussion about DIebolt Award & Employees rights.

–       Employers process fair, doesn’t ask for any personal information they don’t already have


Non-Disciplinary Meetings:

-“pendulum’ has swung the other way in Nanaimo and south. True ‘Fireside’ replaced

 with 11.04s as Firesides ineffective with members in question

-Firesides continuing In Courtenay / Campbell River area. Hoping for change on this.

-Union respects Employers ability to speak to their Employees, does not respect this

 quasi-11.04 Fireside chat-like letter and meetings of a non-disciplinary nature.

-Employer has stated that discussion will stop and go 11.04 process if information

is discovered during the information to be discipline worthy.

-Employer has failed to sign a Letter of Agreement that no discipline may result from the meeting at every meeting where they have stated that the meeting is “non-disciplinary”

-Letter of Agreement has only been introduced in Region 1 North and is now a topic

of discussion at higher levels.


UHR Issues:

–       Too early to gauge the success of the implementation

–       New hires will be tasked with tracking hours for experience pay

–       Discussion continuing between APBC & BCAS regarding experience and service pay


Scheduling Issues:

–       Wag being followed incorrectly in some remote / rural areas,

–       Urban areas having no-notice/short-notice & cold-calling issues

–       Nanaimo scheduling resulting in large amounts of grievances. Taking a large % of time at grievance caucuses. Nanaimo rep to got to Prov. Scheduling to tackle Nanaimo issues.



–       Roughly 150 grievances on files awaiting action

–       Over 70 grievances settled, many in Union favour, at last two caucuses

–       BCAS resolve to pay members rather than work in kind. Some payments outstanding.


Shop Steward Purposes:

-many step 1 grievances incomplete. Will be sent back to Shop Steward for completion.

-increased communication between Shop Stewards and RVPs required

-many Shop Stewards unaware of grievances filed in their own station

– Shop Stewards to deal with issues at Station level (UCs). Managers will be dealt with by Chief Shop Steward or RVPs.

-minutes from any meetings should be copied to the regional Recording Secretary (keith.moraes@apbc.ca)


Upcoming RVP / PR elections:

Vote – if it comes to one.

– Brother Boley hoping to continue in RVP position


Social Media:

-Do not post your discontent with work on the internet. Even on the Internet, you

 represent the Employer and can be subject to discipline

-Do not bring harm to your Brothers and Sisters by copying anything from the

Internet and submitting it to the Employer unless you feel it is a safety or patient care issue



-BCAS wanting repayment of overpayments.

-members choosing to ignore BCAS requests for repayment

-advised member to set-up a payment plan of their choice

-meanwhile, other overpayments being forgived publicly?


UC Administrative Call-outs:

do not bundle direction given by PEB



Good of the Union


Meeting Draw

Tim Horton’s Gift Card

$25 to David Martin (108)

Next Meeting

Nanaimo or Port Alberni

-PEB wishes to be in attendance.

-awaiting dates from PEB for possible meeting before summer break

Date & location to be decided

 Minutes by Keith Moraes, Recording Secretary, Region 1 North