R1N Shop Stewards Conference Call


May 2017, 1900 hrs.



Region 1 North



Shop Stewards Conferece Call




Regional Executive:RVP Greg Heyes, RVP Stephen Boley, Chief SS Mike Egli, Rec.Sec. Keith Moraes

Shop Stewards: 108 & 131 Aggie Pringle, 119 Ryan Smith, 122 Dan Cullen, 171 Edina Johnston

129 Matthew Rydalch, 134 Joseph Corlazzoli, 136 Cory Windover, (120, 150, 173 represent by Exec.)



Expression of Interest Postings (EOIs)

-Question raised how positions are being posted locally & regionally

-positions should be filled by EOIs

-was an issue raised previously at general meeting & no change to date

-to be brought up by Steve at next RJLMC May 26, 2017



11.04/11.05 Meetings:


-PVP Dave Deines currently working on “cheat sheets” for Shop Stewards to take into meetings to

ensure proper procedure/protocol is followed

-letters from the Employer are not currently getting to employees then hold employee responsible for

not showing at a meeting and then issuing further 11.04/11.05s. Not using traceable delivery.

-Employer says Employees are not reading their e-mails or accepting letters at their doorstep

-Regional Exec. Will be contacting members when an 11.04 or 11.05 is issued to the member to

ensure receipt of the letters, ensure date compatible with member, and to answer immediate



Shop Stewards role (see Grievances below).



120 Scheduling:


-Still a big issue creating many grievances. Those grievances that are won, are being paid out by

the Employer. Employer has assigned values to callout shifts for future payouts. Not set in stone &

could be renegotiated.




Station Issues:


-personal conflicts common across stations represented tonight

-119 had no communication to crew that change in UC was coming. Learned by posting.



CUPE Training:


Visit CUPE.ca/education to view courses if you are interested in further training, then contact Steve or

Greg to see if funds available to send you to the course(s).





-RVPs notified when a new fact sheet has been completed by a member

-Most Step 1s on the fact sheet are incomplete. Employer won’t act without a proper Step 1 done.

-RVPS sending fact sheet back to local Shop Stewards to ensure the local Shop Steward is aware of a

grievance within their station, can make contact with the grievor, and can complete the Step 1.

-Shop Stewards will be tasked with attending 11.05 meetings within their station unless there is a

conflict of interest. If a members record or employment is at risk, an RVP will accompany the Shop

Steward in the meeting. All notes taken within the meeting will be forwarded to the Regional

Secording Secretary.


-For “non-disciplinary” meetings, the Regional Recording Secretary can provide you with a Letter of

Agreement to present to the attending Manager.



Deemed Resigned:

-Employer is quick to pull the trigger and deem resigned employees that don’t meet the minimum

availability criteria and they are not calling the employees beforehand

-employees must submit for 3 shifts in 3 months. Late availability does not count.

-ensure to withdraw your availability after the schedule is released if you don’t want to be called and

given work.




New Hires:


Why are new hires taking so long to be placed? Stations in dire need of employees.

-New hires have t have a number of courses complete and attend NEO (New Employee Orientation)

camps prior to being placed on car.

-Talent Agency responsible for giving the Employee a station and may not always make sense

-Unit Chiefs are travelling to Victoria or other Urban locations to do employee interviews.



RJLMC & Grievance Caucus:

Next meeting with the Employer is May 26th.

Please forward any items for RJLMC to Greg or Steve



meeting adjourned