Region 1 South – Upcoming Union Meeting

Attention:       All Members – Region 1 South
                     CUPE Local 873


Dear Members;

Re:     Upcoming Union Meeting

Date:  June 28th 2017

Time:  1900 hours

Place: Ukrainian Hall

          3277 Douglas Street

          Victoria, BC V8Z 3K9

A Union meeting will be held on June 28th 2017 at the Ukrainian Hall across from the Depot in Victoria. A general agenda will be e-mailed out the week prior; if there are any items you would like discussed please let either one of us know.

We are also looking to expand the group of members wanting to help out with Union shift coverage in the Region. If you’re interested in any shifts, please e-mail with your contact information.

As there is half a term of the Recording Secretary remaining, the Regional Executive needs to appoint a member to the remainder of the term. We would like to fill the position as soon as possible, so any members interested in the position should contact either RVP.

We have included a current contact list of Shop Stewards for our Region. We remind you to utilize these resources if you have any issues. Please feel free to contact either RVP if you have any questions or concerns.

In Solidarity,

Scott Sywake                                                                Paxton Grill
Regional Vice President                                               Regional Vice President
Ambulance Paramedics of BC                                     Ambulance Paramedics of BC
CUPE Local 873                                                            CUPE Local 873

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SS PG/sd/MoveUp









Scott Sywake

140 P/T


Paxton Grill

140 C platoon

Recording Secretary



140 C platoon

Chief Shop Steward

Kyle Klint

140 A platoon

Shop Steward

Steve Ward

140 B platoon

Shop Steward



140 C platoon

Shop Steward

Steve Koivisto

140 D platoon

Shop Steward

Shane Breuker

140 E platoon

Shop Steward

Jason Perry

199 Dispatch

Shop Steward

Kathy Sywake

103 Salt Spring

Shop Steward

Derek Pritchett

104 Maine

Shop Steward

Aishley Larsen

105 Saanich

Shop Steward

Connor Ridout

106 Sydney

Shop Steward

Tracey Scott

107 Sooke

Shop Steward

Stan Renoir

114 Pender

Shop Steward



115 Port Renfrew

Shop Steward

Aspen Gainer

117 Galiano

Shop Steward

Stacie Graham

137 Mill Bay

Shop Steward

Anita Anderson