Region 2 East – Changes and updates

Hello Region 2 East:

RE:  Regional Changes – 2 East

There has been a recent change to our Regional Executive. Pete Smith has made the personal decision to resign as Regional Vice President. Pete has served on our Provincial Executive Board for 8 years, and has earned the respect of our membership, fellow Executives and management. He has fought tenaciously for our Region and will be missed in his role.  I would like to thank him personally for his patience and guidance in this position, and on behalf of the membership for all the support he has provided over the years.

In accordance with bylaw 13.d2 (found here)  Cy Murray has been appointed as Acting RVP. Having already served in this position, Cy returns with a wealth of knowledge and will once more be a great addition to our Regional Executive.

On another note, I notice that when I am working on car, I am approached frequently with many questions and receive a lot of direction from our members. I love the face to face chats, and I am happy to engage in these conversations whenever you see me (in fact, I encourage them). I understand the familiarity of interacting with a real live person may be the preferred method of communication for many people…but it is not always feasible, and limits my ability to reach everyone.  I want to encourage EVERYONE to contact me with their questions, comments, concerns and direction. With our annual convention in two weeks’ time, there are many important discussions being held on some very big topics that will affect EVERY single one of our members. Now is the time to approach your Regional Executive, Shop Stewards and Delegates to discuss these issues.

Please don’t wait to see me on car to have these conversations – you can email me or I will do my best to answer all of you, and I take all of your feedback and direction very seriously.

As Cy will now be attending convention as an RVP, his position as a Delegate will go to the first alternate, Lawrence Kennedy. For your reference, the Delegates are listed below with their email for contact:

Jessica Chilton (RVP)

Cy Murray (Acting RVP)

Annemarie Byers (full-time delegate)

Cat Goossen (full-time delegate)

Steven Morris (full-time delegate)

Corey Froese (full-time delegate)

Tyler Lindal (on-call delegate)

Jennifer Sutcliffe (on-call delegate)

Lawrence Kennedy (on-call delegate)

Please feel free to contact any and/or all of your delegates prior to convention with your questions, comments or concerns.

For those of you that haven’t joined yet, and are social media users, remember to join our new APBC Members Facebook group ( You can stay up to date with provincial news and regional updates and catch the latest issue of our APBC Member Newsletter 

I would like to thank all the members of our region for your continued support and patience as we work to improve communication and strengthen our union.


Jessica Chilton

Regional Vice President (Region 2E)

Ambulance Paramedics of BC

CUPE Local 873

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