Resolve to Applicant List Policy Grievance

Dear Members;

Re: Resolve to Applicant List Policy Grievance

In late 2017 the Employer notified us they were no longer going to post applicant lists to each job posting and expression of interest.  The Employer has claimed that this is direction from their legal counsel as it is a “privacy breach”.  We disagreed with the Employer, filed a policy grievance and advanced the matter to arbitration. We are pleased to advise that a settlement on the issues has been reached and is attached for your review.

In short the Employer will now be posting applicant lists for all postings on the BCEHS intranet site utilizing your PHSA six-digit employee number in place of your name. The applicant lists shall include: each applicant listed by 6 digit PHSA number, their seniority date, current employment status of each applicant i.e.: Full-time, Regular Part-time, On-call; and a number column identifying where the applicant places on the list.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

In Solidarity, 

Jason Jackson

Provincial Chief Grievance Officer

Ambulance Paramedics of BC

Emergency Dispatchers of BC

CUPE 873

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