ACP Overtime Submissions in Metro areas


Date: June 15,                                                                               2022 CLIFF: 1063784

File: 195-20/BCEHS All

To: All BCEHS Employees/Ambulance Paramedics of BC CUPE Local 873 Members

From: Leanne Heppell, Chief Ambulance Officer, BCEHS and

Troy Clifford, Provincial President, APBCRE: ACP Overtime Submissions in Metro areas

As the result of a grievance and subsequent mediated arbitration settlement between the parties, Arbitrator Saunders has established a pre-scheduled overtime trial for our advanced care paramedics (ACP) in metro areas (Vancouver and Victoria posts). This trial is intended to pair ACP Units and provide ACP-specific overtime opportunities to those with this
expanded scope of practice. This trial is beginning now and applies to the next prescheduling deadline of June 15 for submitting overtime availability for July.
This trial will apply to all pre-scheduling periods until further notice and will adhere to the following:

• Irregularly scheduled employee (ISE) ACPs will be scheduled first, in accordance with existing

• Full-time ACP employees (excluding ISEs) must submit their overtime requests by the 15th of every month for shifts in the following month. Submissions must indicate the requested dates and hours
(day shift/night shift) of overtime but shall not indicate the specific units. By making a request for overtime shifts, an employee agrees to be committed to working any overtime shifts assigned during the monthly
prescheduling process within the requested time slots.

• Scheduling will assign available overtime shifts by rotation to full-time ACP employees for requested shifts.

• Given these shifts were previously requested by the employee, Scheduling will not be contacting employees in advance of assigning them these shifts. However, they will send email notifications indicating assigned overtime shifts to full-time ACPs.2

• After assigning all available ACP overtime through this procedure, if a full-time ACP still has remaining requested overtime timeslots available, those remaining timeslots will be used for overtime allocation according to the existing overtime assignment procedures under the collective agreement.
(Specifically, the ACP will be called and offered general overtime shifts, not necessarily ACP shifts)

• After having exhausted the steps above, Scheduling will assign any remaining ACP shifts to primary care paramedic (PCP) ISEs per the existing monthly prescheduling process. If a full-time ACP employee submits overtime requests after the 15th of a month, Scheduling may assign that employee remaining available ACP overtime shifts. However, Scheduling will not reschedule ACP shifts already assigned to other employees.

Leanne Heppell /Troy Clifford
EVP and Chief Ambulance Officer Provincial President
BC Emergency Health Services Ambulance Paramedics of BC
Provincial Health Services Authority CUPE Local 873